Pink Christmas Tree Ornaments

The colors of Christmas are normally thought to be red, white and green. In most cases those primary colors form the basis for any Yuletide season decorations including the tree decorations.
pink christmas tree ornamentsHow about pink? if pink is your favorite color (and that’s the way it is with lots of people), why not include some pink Christmas tree ornaments.
Of course, pink decorations are not just limited to the tree. Any pink themed bedroom will look spectacular with a pink color scheme of Christmas ornaments.
When decorating the Christmas tree, use pink sparingly as it is a very dominating color. Tastefully done though, pink Christmas tree decorations work really well and provide some highlights away from the classic red, white and green.

As a “rule of thumb” use around 15 items per foot of tree to achieve a professional look and get a balance. if you are planning on using pink, then the main options are:

    • Pink Ornaments
    • Pink tree topperspink christmas tree
    • Pink balls and tinsel
    • Pink led lights

Even things like pink butterflies or feathers add to the appeal of the tree and these items are readily available and inexpensive.
The crowning glory for any pink themed Christmas tree is a pink tree topper (an angel of course!).

Why not go the whole nine yards and use a totally pink Christmas tree?
Using pink is a cool way to show some creativity and make your tree unique, special and “out there”
Pink does work for Christmas!

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