Glasss Christmas Tree Toppers

3d-star-silver-christmas-tree-topper    Glass Christmas Tree Toppers look amazing!

Children love to help decorate the Christmas tree, and a symbol of good luck is to be the last ornament placed on your decorated Christmas tree.

This teaches children to appreciate all the beauty and tradition of the Christmas tree, rather than rushing to see what Santa has left!

What I remember about Christmas when I was a young girl, was my Mum putting all the ornaments and decorations on the Christmas tree, and the last thing to go on was the Glass white star that goes on the top, what an amazing site for a child.

My Mum would say look at the star and Santa is watching you and if you are good he can see you through the star and maybe bring the presents you asked for.
What memories and so exciting as you would sit looking at the star.
You are the little person and just think of Santa looking at you.

I like to keep the tradition going so I always get my Glass Tree Topper out every Christmas Holiday.

We can bring all that back again with the beautiful Glass Christmas Tree Toppers that we have today. Their is so many to choose but when you think of when you were a child you can see so many things that will create a Christmas fantasy for all children.

There are so many Glass Toppers now to chooses and so many ideas and colors.
Different Red and Gold, Silver with Glitter or just a nice plain white you can even have a look at giant glass toppers that look amazing has the last ornament on the tree .

I poked around online to find three that are available this year that have the brightest colors. The ones I found look more modern than the ones I have.

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