Christmas Tree Topper Bows

christmas-tree-topper-bows-pink290Try Something Different When You Decorate Your Christmas Tree

Every year I try different ideas for my Christmas Tree. One year I made a Santa Hat as a topper on a white theme Christmas Tree, my ornaments were green and red with specks of white snow, it loochristmas tree top hat topperked very original and many people admired it.
Its good to be creative with your tree, trying different ideas, and with the different Toppers we have now, you will be amazed at some of the inspirational ideas you can come up with.

Try Different Topper Bow Themes

I also love Christmas Tree Topper Bows as the last addition to my Christmas Tree.
What I like about them is they are different from the usual ornament you have on the tree.
Try several different Topper Bows and you can change them each year so your tree always looks different and original.

With the Topper Bows you can have any color you like from the traditional green to amazing Gold, Silver, purples, and even pinks.

Some More Ideas On How You Can Use Christmas Tree Toppers

The 14″ wide decorative shiny metallic bow is perfect for use as a Christmas Tree topper but, You can have many other great ideas with the Bows for birthdays and other events, such has decorating cars, motorcycles, appliances, barbecues, televisions, and other large gifts, as well as fences, doors, and more.

Each bow comes with two 36″ long tails and built in ribbon strings for tying to Christmas Trees, gifts, fences, and more.santa-girl-tree-topper-bow

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